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privacy policy

Please read our policy regarding private information.

The only private information collected by calypsowebad.com is the email address.
Information other than email address collected by calypsowebad.com is not considered to be private. Phone numbers, contact person's name and website address are not private information. If these information is considered to be private, then please do not provide it.
Calypsowebad.com may use your 'email address' to communicate to you about our new features, upcoming events, new articles, new products and serivces that you should know.
Calypsowebad.com will only provide your website address, contact person's name, business name, phone numbers, and location to others who wish to view your profile. Calypsowebad.com will not be held responsible if other contact you and behaves you improperly.
Calypsoweb.com will not sell or rent or knowingly reveal your email address to third parties.
Calypsowebad.com will take every necessary measure to protect your private information. However, due to the nature of the internet it is possible that information will be stolen; either after you place your ad, or in transit while your ad is being placed.
Changes to the privacy policy may happen time to time. Significant changes will be noted on the blogs section. Only information provided by you after changes will be affected.