How do Customers benefit from our site?

Our website is user-friendly for customers with special advanced features such as

  • ü  registration of customers according to different customer groups for different privileges and needs 
  • ü  having a separate editable account along with
  • ü  cart functionality such as shopping cart, wish list, products comparison, calculation of total products along with the delivery charge, pdf bill with tax and VAT, order,  checkout, and
  • ü  payment gateways such as online, bank, cheque, cash on delivery based on certain minimum spending
  • ü  Fraud Order Cancellation by the system
  • ü  reward points, gift certificates which can be applied at check out
  • ü  Different delivery methods and free shipping based on minimum spending along with returns policy and order cancellation from multiple locations
  • ü  customer order confirmation /cancellation or status via email
  • ü  recurring payments,
  • ü  affiliate tracking code,
  • ü  newsletter,
  • ü  display of  transactions and order history and reorder previous items, download software, videos, audios, etc. through software along with
  • ü  like and review, on the product and sharing on different social media
  • ü  Different international languages and currency auto-updated automatically.
  • ü  Brand names for producers or manufacturers  and categories will be displayed which can be customized by customer  up to 100 per page and searched according to the alphabet, price, rating, and Model ascending and descending,