Return and Refund Policy

Some of the valid reasons to return the product you had purchased:
o   Product which you have purchased is in damaged/defective/broken condition.
o   Product which you have purchased is not as per description/photo/incomplete
o   Product which you have to purchase is wrong size/quality/colour and design related issues.

The entire product you want to return should be in the original condition they were received in along with any PAN/VAT bills invoices and labels. Return request registration after 3 days of delivery may not be entertained by  Calypso Web Advertising Services. Please follow the below-given steps to register your Return/Dispute within 3 days of receipt of the products.
Step 1: Check if your product meets all the conditions for returning a product.
Step 2: Contact Calypso Web Advertising Services support/customer services to submit a complaint/request for a return.
Step 3: Visit My Account and My return or you can directly click on the Customer Service/Return form on our website.
Step 4: Choose your preferred method of product return when you call support/customer service.
Step 5: Your return Product will go through a Quality check.
Step 6: If validated, then you will get product Return/Replace/Refund.

* For the product Return/Replace/Refund you must show the original Customer copy of the PAN/VAT invoice bill or the bill provided digitally, which will authenticate your purchase at the time of returning the product.
* Consumable products like food and beverage, bath and beauty products or any bulk item cannot be refunded.
* For vegetables, fruits, dairy or any kind of consumable product you may return it before acceptance at the time of delivery only but we will deduct delivery charges from the returned items.

Who pays for the delivery charges for returning products?
Please note that we incur a lot of charges to deliver a product to you. Therefore any delivery charges incurred will not be refunded to you. Calypso Web Advertising Services will deduct delivery charges from the refund amount. And please pack well when returning the product so that it reaches its origin in good condition.

How much time do I have to return a product?
Items purchased through our website can be returned within 3 days from the delivery date. You must know the valid reason to return the product (which is included at the beginning of the Return and Refund Policy).
You can call our Support/Customer service for more details. Return request registration after 3 days from delivery may not be entertained by Calypso Web Advertising Services

How do I request a return?
Option 1: Request online by clicking on My Account followed by clicking on the Return section.
Option 2: Communicate with Us by calling Calypso Web Advertising Services Customer Service
Option 3: Viber/What's app us at the provided number.
Option 4: Contact the seller directly through any medium. In case of conflict then contact us. 

When will I get my refunds?
  • If the seller cannot provide a replacement for your returned products then you will get your refund.
  • After successful submission of the return request and pick up of your products and if the products are not damaged and in good condition then we will process the refund to your bank account within 7 days. Following this, please note that your bank may take up to 2-3 days to credit the refund to your account.
  • If the product is wrong/defective/damaged/quality issue which is delivered by the seller then the shipping charges will be refunded.
If the product is no longer needed then the shipping charges will not be refunded

Can you request an exchange rather than a refund?
Yes, if you prefer to exchange your product, just let our team know and we will call you as soon as the returned product is received by our team. We will look after the availability of the product you want to exchange and we will contact you when we can deliver the product. But your return product must be totally sealed/damage free for any exchange.
We will charge for the delivery of the exchanged products.

If the product is not validated for return, how do you inform the customer?
If the product you returned is invalid, then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item.

* We will make 2 attempts to return the product to you. However, after this, we will cancel the return procedure but we will keep the product with Us for a maximum of 15 days for you to retrieve it from Our office.