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What is Calypso Web Advertising Services?

Calypso Web Advertising Services is a one-stop solution for online shopping. In Calypso Web Advertising Services we offer different varieties of homemade/ local genuine Nepali products to the market. Calypso Web Advertising Services brings you the entire products which are made by young entrepreneurs right at your doorstep in the most convenient way possible.

Why shop from Calypso Web Advertising Services?

Calypso Web Advertising Services stands out for its sincerity, as we have promised to provide only homemade/local genuine Nepali products to the customer. No other online shop in Nepal has been able to introduce the entire genuine Nepali products which are made by home/local entrepreneurs.

 We offer prompt delivery at your convenience and appropriate return and payment policies that will make your shopping experience delightful.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop in Calypso Web Advertising Services?

Yes, it is necessary to log into your Calypso Web Advertising Services account to shop.

 Are the Products genuine?

Calypso Web Advertising Services offers a guarantee of original and genuine products.

 Do you have a showroom?

No, we don’t have a showroom. We are a completely online-based company.

Can we come and check the product?

Sorry, we don’t keep the product in stock.

Where is your office?

Our office is located in Kalanki, Tinthana and Godavari, Lalitpur

Can we return the product if it's not similar as shown in the picture?

Yes, you can return the products which are not similar to those shown in the picture but the product should not be damaged/defective/broken. However, a discussion will be done through messenger, Viber, Whatsapp or call regarding a few changes. You cannot return consumable products like food, vegetable, dairy product, fruits etc.

Please refer to the return and refund policy.

What does "Out of Stock" mean?

When the seller does not have the product in their store. In that case, you won't be able to purchase that product.

·      There are different prices for the same product.

We have different sellers registered on our website. Pricing depends on the seller.

Do all the products have a warranty?

No, we don’t have a warranty on all products. Warranty will mentioned either on the description of the product or the image by the sellers. 

 Do you open on Saturday?

Yes, we are only open through the website but we can only deliver the product on weekdays.

 At what time do you deliver the product?

According to the product and delivery location, we can deliver your product within 48 hours.

 Do you charge extra for delivery?

Yes, we charge extra for delivery. Products and locations may vary the delivery charges.

Can we provide cash on delivery?

Yes, you can provide cash on delivery (COD).

Do you take card payments on delivery?

Right now we won't take any card payment on delivery but in future "Yes".

I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?

Usually while the delivery of the product our delivery team will contact you. So you can give them a location or change the time of the delivery.

Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the product inside?

As per our company policy, a shipment can't be opened before delivery. But you can accept the shipment and if you don’t like it then you can return the product and reorder the different product through our website.

Do you take delivery charge if I return the product?

Please note that we incur a lot of charges to deliver a product to you. Therefore any delivery charges incurred will not be refunded to you. Calypso Web Advertising Services will deduct delivery charges from the refund amount.

 How do I know my order has been confirmed?

For order confirmation, the Calypso Web Advertising Services team will contact you about the product or you can click on My Account/Order History to check about your order.

Are there any hidden costs or charges if I order from Calypso Web Advertising Services?

No, you only pay for what you see on our website. However, if you choose delivery of the product then you shall have to pay additional charges for the delivery of the product. Business Handling Fee

How do I pay for the product purchase?

You can either pay via eSewa/Khalti Bank or Cash On Delivery (COD)

Return and Cancellation:

 If I request for return, when will I get it?

Visit My Account and My Returns to check the status of your return

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

Can I return a Product if I am not satisfied?

We have 3 day Easy Return Policy for all the products which are sold online to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. For more detail, please visit our Return and Refund Policy.

Which products are not eligible for a return?

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

 What should I do if I have an issue with my product after the return period?

You only have 3 days to return after the product is delivered. If the product has a warranty and an issue arises then we will connect you to the seller directly.

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

After product delivery. How many days do I get to return the product?

You have only 3 working days to return the product. When you return the product the product should not be damaged/defective/broken.

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

I order the wrong item. Can I return it?

Our policy does not support the return of item(s) ordered wrongly. A delivery charge will be charged both ways even though the product is taken back.  

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

How long does it take to cancel an order?

If the order has not been shipped by the seller then you can cancel the order immediately. If your order has been shipped then it will be cancelled as soon as the delivery service confirms that the shipment is being returned. Some of the products cannot be cancelled.

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.


 When are refunds given?

If the product is wrong/defective/damaged/quality issue, when the seller delivered the product then you will get a refund. Or the seller cannot provide a replacement.

For the above reason, you will get a refund, otherwise, you won't.

For more detail, Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

How will I get my refund for returning an item? I paid with Cash On Delivery

If you paid Cash on Delivery (COD) or through bank transfer for any product you had purchased. We will refund you in Bank Deposit.

Please refer to Return and Refund Policy.

How can I know the status of my refund?

You can visit ' My Account and 'Return' to know the status of your refund.

For the order cancelled before delivery, refunds are processed immediately. If the products are already delivered then the refund will be processed as soon as the logistic team confirms the return of the product.

How long it will take to refund?

First, we will confirm the quality of the product that is returned, if everything is according to our Return and Refund Policy then we will refund your Bank Account within 2-3 days.

Registration for the seller:

I want to start selling online. How can I be a seller online?

To become a seller in Calypso Web Advertising Services, first, you have to register on the 'Our' website with the detail.

Please refer to the Seller Policy.

How do I sign up to sell on Calypso Web Advertising Services?

The first click on the Calypso Web Advertising Services site (, click on 'Vendor Login', then register with Us by providing all your detail.

Please refer to Seller Policy.

 I have signed up with all supporting documents why is my registration rejected?

Your registration won't be accepted if the data provided by you is not genuine. Calypso Web Advertising Services holds the right to accept and terminate the registration.

For more detail, Please refer to Seller Policy

 I am not registered for VAT/PAN. Can I still proceed with my registration?

To register on Our website as a seller, you have to register in PAN/VAT for companies. However, for individual sellers citizenship would be required. 

As a seller what is my responsibility during delivery?

If the order is confirmed then you have to maintain your stock and do the entire packaging, print the PAN/VAT bill invoice and get it ready. Our delivery team will receive the product. If you have your own delivery team then you can deliver some of the products to the customer.

What are the documents required to register as a seller on Calypso Web Advertising Services?

For registration, you will have to submit a hard copy of your PAN/VAT certificate, citizenship certificate and your full address in our office. Similarly, a scanned copy needs to be submitted initially to the website.

How long it will take to approve a seller application?

Your application will be reviewed, verified and approved within 24 hours, once you have signed up. You will receive a call from our Customer Service for more verification and product type.

 Who decides the price of the product?

As a seller, you decide the price of the product.

Please refer to the Seller Policy.

How many products should be listed for the shop to go live?

There are no limits for the product listed on Our website. You can list as many products as you have.

Policies for sellers:

Would I get compensation if the goods are damaged or lost in transit?

Yes, you will get compensation if the goods are damaged or lost in transit. First, we will check the quality of the returned damaged product or if it is lost then the responsible team will be accountable and necessary actions will be taken.

 Will I need to pack my products for delivery?

Yes, you need to pack your product before the delivery team arrives.

Do I need to submit my document in hard copy?

Yes, you need to submit your PAN/VAT certificate, citizenship certificate and your full address in our office.

Payment for the seller:

When will I receive my payments?

Seller will be paid online through Bank Transaction every 15 days after the product is delivered to the customer.

Please refer to the Seller Policy.

How will I receive my payments?

You will receive your payment through Bank Transfer or Cheque. For that, you need to provide us with your bank detail. It will be asked in the vendor information as well.

 How can I keep a record of my payment and sell of the product?

You can find transactions and payment methods in your seller panel. You can check all the details about your sale, transaction and payment from there.