Membership Benefits

We offer various services to our users. Some services are limited only to registered users while some are meant for both general and registered users. Here is the list of services we offer to you.

Place ads (products/services)

This is the main service that we offer. You can place unlimited classifieds. First, you have to become our member

Manage your classifieds

You can place unlimited ads on On top of that, you can also update and remove your recent as well as your old ads. You can also upload a new image for an existing classified ad that does not have an image or which has an old image. Please don't post multiple posts for the same item.

Membership system

You can register with us for free. The steps are simple as steps 1,2 and 3. With membership, you have access to view special and discounted prices based on the membership system, contact buyers or sellers, view others' profiles, comment on blogs, and manage your own profile and classifieds. You only have to register with us once, and then you will have to remember your email address and password while you log on.

Manage your profile

You can update your own profile. You can edit the company name, contact person's name, street address, city, state, country, phone number, and website address. You cannot edit your email address, which is used by especially to identify you from other users.

Advertise with us

To advertise with us, you can use the 'contact us form. We will respond to your inquiries, and messages, and reply to you within a week. Just make sure that you contact us for genuine purposes.

Become our sponsors/donor

Alternatively, you can also become our sponsor by placing your ad in the featured section. We will place your ads on those sections which have high page rankings or visibility. The placements will depend upon the relevancy and importance of your banners.

Comment on our product to increase your visibility

You also have an option to maximize your profile on our website by posting comments in the review section.  We will also review to exchange links with you. So, don't hesitate to comment on any product that you find informative. Another advantage of commenting on a product is that you will increase the chances of your profile being viewed by other members, while they are reading one of your comments for a particular article.

Link exchange

We want to exchange links to those websites which can promote our products/services. will provide a code that will track the outgoing and incoming traffic. By exchanging links, we are building two-way traffic to and fro from our website. We will not hold you responsible in case your incoming traffic does not increase. 

Affiliate Program and  Affiliate Tracking
Calypso Web Advertising Services affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website which advertise Calypso Web Advertising Services or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 2%.
To make sure you get paid for referrals you send to us we need to track the referral by placing a tracking code in the URLs linking to us. You can use the tools below to generate links to the Calypso Web Advertising Services website.

Purchase a Gift Certificate
This gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after your order has been paid for.

How do Customers benefit from our site?

Our website is user-friendly for customers with special advanced features such as

  • ü  registration of customers according to different customer groups for different privileges and needs 
  • ü  having a separate editable account along with
  • ü  cart functionality such as shopping cart, wish list, products comparison, calculation of total products along with the delivery charge, pdf bill with tax and VAT, order,  checkout, and
  • ü  payment gateways such as online, bank, cheque, cash on delivery based on certain minimum spending
  • ü  Fraud Order Cancellation by the system
  • ü  reward points, gift certificates which can be applied at check out
  • ü  Different delivery methods and free shipping based on minimum spending along with returns policy and order cancellation from multiple locations
  • ü  customer order confirmation /cancellation or status via email
  • ü  recurring payments,
  • ü  affiliate tracking code,
  • ü  newsletter,
  • ü  display transactions and order history and reorder previous items, download software, videos, audios, etc. through software along with
  • ü  like and review, the product and sharing on different social media
  • ü  Different international languages and currencies auto-updated automatically.
  • ü  Brand names for producers or manufacturers  and categories will be displayed which can be customized by customers up to 100 per page and searched according to the alphabet, price, rating, and Model ascending and descending,  

  • How do Vendors/ Sellers benefit from our site?

The site is flexible for marketing channels including Wholesalers, Direct-to-distributors, Internet direct, Catalogue direct, Sales team, Value-added resellers, Consultants, Retail sales agents, Manufacturer’s representatives, etc. It includes all types of e-commerce, including B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business), C2B (Consumer-to-Business), and C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer). There's also B2G (Business-to-Government), but it is often lumped in with B2B. 


Customers are enabled or disabled by the Admin to filter the best potential customers along with Fraud Reviews automated by the system. Mobile/Email verification features will be enabled which will be constantly monitored by our team.


Free product display to Make Your

  • v  Restaurant,
  • v  Bakery Shop,
  • v  Fruits & Vegetables Store,
  • v  Electronic & Electrics Store,
  • v  Cafe Store,
  • v  Ice-cream Store,
  • v  Dairy Store. &
  • v  Medical store,
  • v  Mobile Shop, etc.

  Android App (coming soon). 


Free Features Includes:-

  • ü  Admin Panel (General (Product Name, Description, Meta Tag Title, Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag Keyword, Product Tags), Data (Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location, Price, Tax Class, Quantity, Minimum Quantity, Subtract Stock, Out of Stock Status, requires shipping, Date Available, Dimensions, Weight, Sort order) Links( Manufacturer, Categories, Filters, Stores, Related Products), Attribute, Option, Recurring, Discount, Special based on customer groups and Quantity/mass for a certain long or certain period of time with tiered pricing, Multiple images, reward points, SEO and Design, coupon code, promo code, for different membership types as per need with different rates for categories, subcategories, and products along with different time, etc.), order history, confirmation /cancellation, categories, reviews, filter, subscription plan, attribute, options, etc.) Enable/disable the product, SEO Search Engine Optimization) and the product can be searched by name or alphabet.
  • ü  Products/services downloadable products display with charges
  • ü  Online Payment (PayPal, Khalti, Esewa, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Bank Transfer), Cash on delivery, cheque, etc.
  • ü  Bulk Upload of categories, products, options, attributes, filters, customers, etc. 
  • ü  Digital Marketing( Email Marketing, BULK SMS, Social Media, etc.)
  • ü  Free Live Chat with Customers using online chat or Facebook messenger. Unlimited Chats and Websites, Desktop, mobile and browser agent apps and 2 months of chat history storage, Chat widget mobile version, etc.
  • ü  Customer Care( Multi-Language Support Internationally)
  • ü  Chat users have access to 24/7 customer support
  • ü  Facebook AI Chat box for products with high demand.
  • ü  Top Best Sellers and Special Price Listing
  • ü  Featured Products for a few items. 
  • ü  50 Personalized Emails for one month after registration.
  • ü  Mails to Customers (Limited)
  • ü  Recurring Profiles on payment
  • ü  Special Discounts to different customer groups by different vendors/sellers.
  • ü  Marketing Tracking


   Paid Features Include:-

  • Individual Accounts for Live chat from buyers for $13 per month if paid annually will get free product display and no commission charged on sales.
  • ü   (CRM Integration, Detailed Visitor Info, Automatic Triggers, Typing Insight   Real-time Visitor Monitor,  Service Quality Ratings, E-mail Chat Transcripts, File Transfer, Offline Lead Generator, Quick Phrases Helper,  Translator, Black List, Callback,    Departments,  Pointer, GeoIP Regions)
  • ü  (Proactively start chats using Smart Triggers, Complete visitor info with IP addresses, region and visit the source, Canned responses with an automatic helper, Chat transfer between agents, Monitor website visitors in real-time
  • ü  Translator for 90+ languages, Spam protection, Complete visitor info with IP addresses, region and visit the source, Spell-checker, Hotkeys, Agent business hours schedule, Daily performance email, Service quality ratings by customers, Google Analytics integration, Export reports to Excel, Archives storage period Unlimited, Pre chat buttons, Pre chat buttons
  • ü  Digital Marketing Individual (Email Marketing, BULK SMS) Featured Products, etc)
  • ü  Delivery (per Item, weight-based, flat rate, free delivery, free checkout to  any part of Nepal and International)
  • ü  Personalized Emails
  • ü  Mails to Customers 
  • ü  Google Shopping
  • ü  Facebook Boosting through our social media along with other social media to reach the highest number of customers for your products/services.
  • ü  eBay, Amazon Listing 
  • ü  Advertisements in any part of the website such as banners featuring products or any section of the website.
  • ü  Cheapest Rate for Nepal for Facebook Boosting, Google Shopping, eBay and Amazon Listing, etc.